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Hastelloy C22 C276 Products are most quality finishing fittings & used for long life, high pressure & zero defects. Hastelloy C22 C276 Products  is alloys retain strength, toughness and resistance to corrosion in a high temperature environment. These alloys are used in various industries & precious applications Like refineries, chemical plants and power generation,Nuclear Power,Aerospace etc.at HI Tech UV IndiaThe Hastelloy C22 C276 Products are manufactured to sustain very high pressure and comes with one year warranty. our fittings differentiation is based on the premier finish of Hastelloy C22 C276 Products with minimum burr at the edge . The v shape formation is perfect for welding and fabrication,we have already supplied Hastelloy C22 C276 Products in mega projects of oil and gas industry, Aero Space high Profile Projects & Nuclear power projects. HI Tech UV India is one of the oldest & most acclaimed Manufacturer of Hastelloy C22 C276 Products,We also keep ready Stock of Hastelloy C22 C276 Products in more than 30 countries worldwide,HI Tech UV India is the only company in INDIA can deliver below products worldwide with in 3 - 4 working days

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